What is hand lettering?
Hand lettering is an art where letters, words & phrases are drawn by hand through a traditional/physical (e.g. pencil, pen, paint, food etc.) and/or digital medium. Each hand lettered piece is created in a unique arrangement for a specific purpose. Therefore, if letters were reordered the balance of the piece would be off. This is different than when using a typeface or font where the letters can be moved around in any order and the design remains the same. Read more about hand lettering on the blog.

What's your process like? Did you really draw all of your designs?
Yes, all of the designs are originally hand drawn. All of my designs start as hand drawn sketches in either pencil or pen. Once I get the sketch where we want it, I bring it into Adobe Illustrator. Then, using a combination of tools, I turn the sketch into a vector graphic, clean up the rough edges & add color & any additional accents to the final design before sending it to be printed. Watch the vector process in action. 

Do you do custom work for events, companies, individuals or weddings?
Yes! I love working with clients to create pieces that are perfectly suited to their specific needs & specifications. For more information about custom projects, see the “Custom Work” page or contact me

What is the average price of your wedding suites?
Pricing is highly dependent on a number of factors, including quantity, printing method, complexity of changes & turnaround time. However, all base suites start at $400 for 150 guests & a 50% deposit is due at the start of the process. Please contact me for order specific pricing.

How did you get into hand lettering & illustrating?
I was always a doodler, but I was first exposed to hand lettering & illustration as a graphic design student in college. After graduating, it became a great creative outlet from my day job. I continue to experiment with different styles, techniques, & methods to find what works best for me & for the the idea I'm working on.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Everywhere! Ideas for new designs have been inspired by conversations with friends & family, random thoughts, beautiful architecture, the work of other creatives across the globe, etc. It's hard to say when inspiration will strike & so I always try to have a sketchbook handy. Read more thoughts on inspiration here.

Have another question?
Send me a message through the Contact form or e-mail me directly at hello@meeklyyours.com.