Meekly Yours Wedding Collection

I love weddings! They're a wonderful opportunity to celebrate & create beautiful designs to help make each couple’s big day extra special & personalized. The 2017 wedding collection features stationery suites inspired by the forms & wonders found in nature. Although drawing from nature is traditional, colorful, hand drawn illustrations & coordinating typefaces add the perfect amount of whimsy to make these suites stand out in the sea of “traditional” designs.

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Romantic Florals Suite

Flowers are one nature’s most prolific beauties. They share deep significance across all cultures with an array of colors, shapes & personalities. The Romantic Florals brings a modern approach to this timeless tradition.

Skipping Stones Suite

Stones endure all things. They face storms & sunshine with strength & confidence. Strong marriages likewise endure through all things. The Skipping Stones suite honors everyday strength of a solid foundation.

Stars Align Suite

Stars have always been important in storytelling, especially when looking toward the future. The Stars Align suite is elegant with a whimsical flare that will make you believe in happily ever after.

Tropical Escape

Sophistication & whimsy meet in the artistic Tropical Escape Suite, available in two styles. Hand drawn philodendron leaves evoke a refreshing tropical feel that will whisk you away to paradise.

Looking for something truly one of a kind?

Completely custom wedding suites are also available to perfectly match your wedding. Work one on one with me to bring your vision to life. For more information, click the link below or email me directly at